Are you looking for the jump start you need to bring in clients in 2019?

I get it...starting an online business can be hard.

There are so many “Shoulds” and so many options to try that you spend your day spinning in your head knowing you really need support and you are ready to get results!


I totally Get it....

  • You know if someone could just teach you the strategies you could totally get the clients you know you are capable of helping without it taking months or years!

  • You’re done with downloading a dozen freebies and second guessing yourself.  You are so not into the cookie cutter approach. You know if you could just have someone show you the way, you could create the biz you dream of!

  • You are ready to do the work you love and have a business model that works for you (and starts building your income!)

  • You don’t want a coach that is going to tell you to join the hustle, or do things her way, you want to set things up so that they feel good and LIKE YOU in your business.  You need a coach helps jump start you on your way to your version of success and your client roster fast.

  • AND you still want to have time for your life - afternoons off, downtime, outside time away from social media.  It’s your business and we can shape it to what you want in life + biz

You’ve got what it takes, you just don’t know how to put it all together so that things click in your biz and it feels good to you!


I know how frustrating it can be…

To work SO hard trying to get clients and not have much luck to show for it!  

Heck I tried so hard I eventually burnt-out and quit my business for few months in 2016.  When I came back online in early 2017 I found out it doesn’t have to be so hard and your business can honor what you need...so your biz not only flows but it feels good to you too!

But trying to build your business on your own might not feel that easy...

You’ve got a googledrive doc full of ideas for an offer, but you aren’t quite sure how to structure it so people actually get it and want it

You post on social media occasionally but you can’t quite seem to land on a schedule that feels good to you and doesn’t feel overwhelming

And forget sales calls.  They freak you out and you have no idea what to do after the casual conversation.  You just tell them you’ll send them a link and you never hear from them again.

Well Sister I’ve got you!

Introducing my limited time program: Your Road map from Zero to Clients!

A 3 month experience of strategy, support, and setting up (your version) of success

Plus the benefits of group support in monthly community calls and a private Facebook group for you and my other 1:1 clients so you can connect with your new biz besties to support you along the way!


Imagine This:

  • Knowing exactly what steps you need to take to sign your first or next client so you can stop wasting your time trying “all the things” and create a strategy that works for you and builds your business (hello making an a sustainable income!)

  • Having an offer that you actually feel good putting out there and telling people about it (and having them buy it!) instead of not knowing what to say, saying your are working on your website yet again,  getting your sales page together

  • Showing up on social media confidently and consistently so that you build relationships and sets you up to receive clients without making you feel like you’re working against your sensitive nature

  • Actually knowing how to sell your way (not the used cars salesman approach) you feel good telling people how to take the next steps in working with you and know how get your yes!

This package is perfect for you if you are ready to go into the New Year with support on setting up a plan that works for you and your business so that you go from zero to receiving clients!

Your 3 Month Program INcludes

  • 9 - 45 minute 1:1 calls with me, 3 per month with 1 week of implementation

  • Access to email or Slack support with me so you can take your big ideas and really see them through (and answer all the questions that pop up along the way!) including reviews of your content and copy

Special Bonus:

  • You’ll be entered into a private Facebook group community with my other 1:1 clients and we have monthly group community calls so that you can meet your biz besties and feel supported on all levels


This is the jump start that you’ve been looking for to help you learn to the tools, strategies, and business practices you need to know to build a successful online business so that you can take the guessing out of it and feel confident in the foundation of your business

You’ll walk away

  • With the skills and strategies you need to build a successful business starting with your first or next client so  that you can stop wasting your time trying all the things and start receiving clients

  • Knowing how to sign clients so that you start receiving an income and making that impact your desire with your business knowing it’s sustainable

  • With a strong foundation in your business so that 2019 can be your best year in business financially and the year that you let go of the burnt-out and embrace the fun that can come with running your own biz!


I've been in your shoes, spinning my wheels feeling like nothing would work

I have a Business degree from one of the best schools in America and a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, but every job I had didn't quit fit.  They looked good on paper, but didn't feel right in my body.

So I thought, I'll build my own business and I hopped online only to find my sensitive, passionate nature followed me.

Everyday I felt overwhelmed, waking up without a plan and running all over the place trying to make everyone happy.

So I quit.

I knew if I could just learn the strategies and get support to build my business, I was capable.

So even though I was totally scared, I hired a coach.

And ya know what happened? I filled my 1:1 spots and I grew my business my way!

It doesn’t have to be hard and getting the results you want is totally possible for you - you just need a road map to find YOUR way!

 Here's what others have to say:

Liz is amazing and I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat! She helped me to totally change my outlook on how I see myself and my business! I had always seen my sensitivity as a negative, Liz helped me to turn that around into a Positive and to use it to help my clients in my business!

Liz also helped me to figure out where and how to take my business to the next level!  In 2 short weeks I had 6 new clients and today my business is thriving and doing incredibly well!

~ Monica, Nourish By Nature

Liz's sessions have helped me SO much (and are still helping me to this day!). I've been able to shift my business model to one that lights me + my clients up!

Now, my business is profitable and I'm growing my income steadily each month! I'm also reaching the clients who are perfect for me, and love me & my work!

Liz brings a lot of JOY to the table in everything that she does. And that, coupled with a lot of insight, knowledge and actionable advice, is a winning combination in a coach. Also, Liz really helps you to get out of your own head and find the answers that work for YOU! There are no cookie-cutter approaches in her world and I love that, because everyone is different! 

~ Marleen Renders

Investment for your 3 month program

Your Road map to Zero to Clients

$2,300 paid in full or

3 monthly payments of $797

You are so ready and capable of building a business your way, you just need support to help you get there!   Your Roadmap from Zero to Clients will not only give you the support you need to get there, but you’ll uncover your steps to setting up your business in a way that feels good to you and helps you receive the income and make the impact you desire!

 You can use the link above to sign up for a complimentary discovery call or email me at liz@lizlockwood.net