Wisdom Walks

Healing in Nature

Are you feeling disconnected, like you had an idea of how life might be, but you've found everyday life harsh and draining?

Reconnect with your true nature by stepping outside to find yourself.

Wisdom Walks are a unique healing experience.

Together we'll walk, talk, and explore a variety of movement and mindfulness practices to help you process, integrate, and heal.

"Nature itself is the best physician" ~ Hippocrates

The benefits of a Wisdom Walk are limitless:

  • Healing emotional or physical pain
  • Cultivate greater mindfulness, awareness, and focus
  • Enhance your well-being
  • Improve your physical strength and stamina
  • Gain clarity, inspiration, and confidence

Wisdom Walks provide you with an opportunity to get out of your busy mind and connect with the truth in your body.

How an In Person Wisdom Walk works:

  • We'll start with a 15 minute phone conversation to ensure a Wisdom Walk is the best fit for you
  • We'll meet a local walking location - we can hike in the woods or on a paved path
  • Every Wisdom Walk is unique and designed to your needs
  • A Wisdom Walk can include mindfulness exercise, journaling, walking, hiking, yoga movements, and mentoring

If you'd like to schedule your free phone consultation contact me here.

The investment for your Wisdom Walk is $75 for an hour in personal walk.