Ep 24: Your Husband is Not Your Business Coach


Today's guest is extra special and one of my favorite people on this planet, my husband, Mark Lockwood. Mark has been incredibly supportive of my entrepreneurial journey, but let's be honest: it hasn't been easy.

Mark and I dive into what it was like for him when I started my business, asked him endless questions of "What should I do about this..." and how he wanted to support me, but really wasn't the right person for me to be asking these questions!

Mark was my #1 encourager for me to hire a coach, he explains why he felt so passionate about it and how it has helped our marriage by taking the role of "Business Coach" off of his plate.

This episode is perfect for the entrepreneur AND the partner! Get the behind the scenes of how we've navigated business, marriage, and gotten the support we need to flourish in both!