Ep 14: Shifting Your Story

Carrie Severson Podcast.png

This week on the podcast I am talking with Carrie Severson, Soul Story Healer & Soul Storyteller Trainer about how to shift your story. Carrie and I dive into how she manages her intuitive and emphatic abilities while building her business. Carrie explains it hasn't always been easy, having suffered from burn-out about 6 years ago Carrie has had to learn how to tune into her body and work in a way that supports her well-being.

So often, sensitive, emphatic, intuitive women feel like they "feel too much" or they need to toughen up - let us tell you that is not the case! During this show we talk about how you actually need to tune into your body, make time and space for quiet so you can let the wonders of the universe flow through you.

You don't need to change, you are perfect as you are! The key is shifting into your strengths so you can show up from an empowered place!


Listen to this week's episode: