Ep 12: Finding your Natural Rhythm

april moon podcast.png

Join April McMurtry and I for a beautiful conversation on the moon’s cycles and how it correlates to the natural ebb and flow of life and business.  As April so eloquently puts it, we live in a sun dominated society of productivity and always being on.  It’s time to shift into our softer, receptive lunar side to dig into what truly is aligned with us and our mission in life.

We dig into how running a business is a lot like gardening, planting seeds, not quite sure how things will turn out, but tending to the seeds and the garden as things grow.

April tells us how the moon as played a healing part in her life and how she had no intention of starting a moon business, it was just a tool she needed  and she answer the call of others asking for more.

This is a refreshing, grounded conversation that will help you slow down, appreciate nature, and utilize the natural rhythm of the universe in your work so things flow rather than get stuck in the push/force model we are taught.


Listen to this week's episode: