Ep 26: Connecting through Copy with Kate

R+ I Podcast with Kate.png

I am delighted to have Kate K. McCarthy on the podcast this week!  Kate K. McCarthy is a brand voice mentor for soulful and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to clarify and amplify their brand messaging, get visible with more courage and confidence, and truly show up – for their businesses, their people, and themselves.

Kate and I are talking about a hot topic this week ~ how to authentically connect and communicate online through your copy and content.

Do you deeply desire to connect with others, create meaningful impact + change in the world, but when you go to write the post or better yet your copy you go blank?

I hear ya! We want to connect and build our business AND we want to stay true to ourselves along the way...that is what this week's podcast is all about!  Join us for this heart-warming conversation!