Ep 21: Amy Walsh on The Creative Process

Amy Walsh - Resilient + Inspired Podcast image 2.png

Join Amy Walsh, Visual Story Teller, Creative Coach, and Visionary Strategist, and I for a refreshing conversation on creativity and how to use your creativity to create a truly authentic business.

In a society where productivity and efficiency are paramount it can be easy to push aside your creativity in order to "get it done faster." Amy brings a new paradigm to light by explaining how to dive into the creative process to enhance your work and shift your business to be authentically yours - in your visuals, creations, and how you show up to do your work.

If you've never thought of yourself as a creative person, stick with us! Amy explains that we are all creative at heart, we just need to give space AND structure to allow our creativity to flow.

If you want to create a truly unique, cutting edge business that cuts throw the crowded online space with fresh visuals and images this episode is for you!