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You don't have to change who you are to be successful in your business.

Being sensitive, empathic, and passionate make you amazing at what you do.

It's time to incorporate them into your creative work more so that you can make an impact + income while staying true to yourself!


Imagine this....

Waking up and having a plan for your day that includes time to practice yoga, meditate, reading your favorite book AND getting stuff done in your business...

Being so clear on who you are and what you want to do that you don't waste time second guessing your steps,  you use that momentum to move forward toward your goals...

Being able to send those scary emails and post those things you really want to say, but aren't sure if you are "allowed to"

Having a strategy + structure  that works for you and your business so you can show up consistently and make a big impact + income in your business without draining your energy

Staying grounded in your energy all day so you don't waver back and forth with every demand, should, or question from others

You know how to do things in a way that will sustainably work for you while creating a business that will make a difference in the world

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I've been in your shoes, feeling so sensitive that nothing will work

I've held more jobs than I could count and I never "fit in," they looked good on paper, but didn't feel right in my body.

So I thought, I'll build my own business and I hopped online only to find my sensitivity followed me.

Everyday I felt overwhelmed, waking up without a plan and running all over the place trying to make everyone happy.

So I quit.

Until one morning I woke up and I thought " I just want to be strong and I'm just going to show up was I am."

Here's the secret, your sensitivity is your superpower.  You don't have to change yourself to make your business work.

You just have to learn how to harness your gifts to make them work for you and your business.

It is possible for you to become resilient + inspired in your life and your business!

Don't just take it from me!  Here's what others have to say...

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Liz held space for me at a time when I was not able to process the emotions that were surfacing for me following a traumatic experience. I felt like these emotions had a chokehold on me. Through guided mediations and coaching sessions Liz helped me to quiet my mind and center my energy so that I could tune into my inner wisdom. I had not been able to do this consistently since going through that experience a year earlier . Energy Management is essential for everyone, when you’re running your own business. Liz has a unique way of listening to what’s going on and then identifying the right method to help you get your energy in check. When my energy is grounded and I am connected to my inner wisdom, every part of my life thrives. If you’re in a place where your mind is working overtime or you’re pushing and pushing yourself to the point of overwhelm and depletion, call Liz. ~ Dyanne Joyner

Liz is insightful and caring. She has a great talent for staying connected as well as helping you keep things simple. Keeping things simple is a gift in our current world of information overload! She is a joy to work with and I hope to do so again in the future! ~ Karen Mears from

Sound too good to be true?  This is how it works.....

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Step 1: Align Your Energy + Mindset

How much time do you waste running around not totally clear what you are actually doing?  Or what about all those hours you spend second guessing your decisions or wondering if someone is mad at you? 

Let's reclaim all that time + shift your energy and mindset to set you up for success in your life and biz.


Step 2: Strategy + Structure

All the models you've tried to follow haven't worked for you.  You shift between massive action and wanting to quit and you can't sustain the pace.

Let's dig in and uncover what will really work for you so you wake up knowing what you need to do and what you can let go of.  

Reclaim your time + energy!


Step 3: Inspired Action

As much as you might like to research, play with your website, or online the real magic happens when you take action!

Not the action that you feel like you "should do."

The action that lights you up +  you feel called to do on the inside!  Let's do that!

Sounds Great But How Will this Help My Biz?

This program is perfect for you if you are ready to:

  • Shift into clarity on which steps to take so you can move forward in aligned action and get your first or next client
  • Align your energy so you are confident and can communicate your value to your potential clients
  • Consistently show up and create sustainable growth so you can make an impact + income in a way that feels good to you (not the overwhelm, burnt-out way of working we are all tired of!)
  • Speak your voice and share your work so you can make a difference with your gifts (and stop hiding in fear!)