Join us for a 3 week journey to learn The Art of Letting Go & Living in the Flow.

The program begins December 2nd and features weekly 40 minute calls.

Do you feel pulled in a million different directions during the holiday season?  So many expectations, relaxations wanting to get together, shopping to do, meals to cook......

Let this holiday season be different - full of peace, meaning, & joy.

Jon me for this 3 call series to learn practical skills and strategies to help you get through the hustle and bustle of the holidays while cultivating peace & joy within.

You'll learn how to ...
~Release the stress & tension of the holiday season so you can be fully present for your family & enjoy your holiday gatherings
~Maintain a calm mind & balanced energy so you can get your holiday tasks done in a way that feels good to you & spreads joy to others
~Create time for yourself so you actually enjoy the holidays instead of trying to just make it through!
~Carry the positive... changes you’ve made into the New Year so you can fully live your life without sacrificing your well-being!

Register for this event & invest what feels good to you ~ I planned to originally launch this series of calls for a Holiday special rate of $49 (Orig. value $99) - but I feel called to host this as a pay what you can event ~ join us at a price that feels good to you. 

In less than an hour per week, you'll be equipped with the skills you desire and need to enjoy a peaceful, less stressed holiday season. A gift you really need to give yourself ~ join us!


**Calls are scheduled to be 10-10:40am est on Friday's December 2nd, 9th, & 16th.

**The calls will be recorded if you cannot make it live

Hi, I'm Liz & I'll be your host on this journey...

I have a diverse background in the Healing Arts that I integrate to help you learn to care for your mind, body, & spirit in a way that feels good to you.  I wear many hats in my professional roles of being a Mental Health Therapist, a Yoga Instructor, a Certified Master Empowerment coach, a LifeForce Yoga Instructor, and a Personal Trainer.

I blend all of these modalities into a unique method of Energy Healing & Well-Being Mentoring.  Through my own illness & struggles in life I have learned the most important thing is for you to have hope, trust, & to develop a deeply loving and caring relationship with yourself.