Hi, I'm Liz Lockwood

Business Coach & Mentor for
The Driven + Different Entrepreneur

Don't burn out. Don't give up.
Do show up Resilient + Inspired

You don't have to change who you are to be successful... 

You've are driven. You feel called to make a difference in the world!

You're different. You are sensitive, creative, passionate, and desire to do things in YOUR OWN WAY!
(And that is a good thing!)

It's time to uncover the way YOU and YOUR business can SUCCEED ON YOUR TERMS!

It may not feel like it right now,
but your Drive + your Differences are what will make you and your business a success!

You want to see results in your business and you want to stay true to yourself, right?

In the past, it's felt like it's one or the other.

Go all in on your business and do "all the things" you think you "should" do and eventually you burn-out or quit...

You retreat back, feeling so different that things will never work for you...

The key is to find the middle ground so that YOU and YOUR BUSINESS can truly thrive!

Where you can:

  • Move forward in your business AND feel good in your body
  • Do things in your own way AND see results
  • Get results AND take care of yourself
  • Have a business AND a life
  • Connect with others AND do it in your own unique way
  • Have a business AND stay true to yourself

Ready to find your unique way forward in your business (and your life) that not only works for you but also builds your business while you stay true to yourself and receive the income and make the impact you know deep down you are capable of?

I'll show you how!  What do you most need today:


Resilient + Inspired is my podcast and it'll shift you into your flow!



I'll help you shift from I can't do this to I've totally got this!


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