Introducing: A 5 Day Challenge to Help You:

Get Visible...

And Receive Clients So You Can Finally Make an Impact + Income!

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Are you ready to get consistently visible so you can receive clients and make an impact + income doing the work you love to do?

Working from home on the couch in your yoga pants sounds so comfy, but when it comes to pressing post or going live it can feel so scary!

Especially if you are sensitive, feel so much, so badly want to make a difference in the world and you aren’t quite sure where your space is in the online world...

Here’s the deal, you need to have a consistent plan to get visible so your pre-clients can find you, learn about you, and your work before they hire you!  

But most importantly, we need to do it while working WITH your sensitive nature instead of against it (like almost every other program out there does!)

Sound good?

Get Visible + Receive Clients!

this 5 day challenge Will Help You:

  • Get out of your head and into your flow so you can write from your heart and actually press post without thinking about it all day.  You’ll be able to get visible, receive clients, AND have a life (hello not spending all day wondering what to write and trying to craft the perfect post)...
  • Create structure around getting visible that feels good to you so you can show up and post even if you aren’t feeling like it that day...
  • Get clear on your authentic message.  Tired of all the posts sounding the same and even a little sleazy?  You’ll be able to go deeper and find your true authentic voice so your audience jives with your message and wants what you have to offer...
  • Uncover where to share your work so you feel good about the groups you are connecting in and attract the people you REALLY want to be working with...
  • Cultivate resilience so you show up for the long-term!  It’d be great if people said “sign me up” after a few days of seeing your posts, but the truth is they need time to gain trust in you and your work.  
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In the Get Visible (when you really feel like hiding) 5 day challenge you’ll receive:

  • 1 video + worksheet for 5 days that will walk you through the steps to get visible
  • Insight on how I show up and get visible (even when I’m having “I feel so sensitive days”, I don’t feel like it or I feel uncomfortable)  I’m super sensitive, thought I’d never be able to work in the overwhelming online space, if I can do it - so can you!
  • Access to a supportive community for feedback and encouragement along the way in The Resilient + Inspired Entrepreneur

If you are ready to get visible so you can receive clients and make an impact + income with your work, Join us!

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