You don't have to change who you are to be successful in your business.

Being sensitive, intuitive, and passionate make you amazing at what you do.

It's time to incorporate them into your creative work more so that you can receive clients and feel good while you work!


I totally Get it....

  • You desire to help others and make the world a better place, and you are sensitive,  you feel it all and you aren’t quite sure how to show up consistently and create an impact + income doing what you love.
  • You feel so passionate about what you do that sometimes you go "all in," forgetting to take breaks or care for yourself.  You set timers, but those don't even stop you.  You keep on working and eventually it catches up with you.  You feel burnt-out, overwhelmed, or maybe even sick.  You long to pursue your passions and feel good during the process.
  • The typical way of working and showing up online doesn't feel good to you.  You get caught up scrolling on social media, it feels noisy, and like there is no place for you.  You are different, a one-of-a-kind and you need a way to show up and share your authentic message in a way that is unique to you, doesn't feel sleazy and grows your business. 
  • You are mission driven and cycle between going all out in your business, feeling like it will work, showing up and posting.  But when you don't see things click right away, you start second guessing.  Are you good at what you?  Will it ever click? You wonder what you are doing wrong.  You know you can help people and you aren’t quite sure how to start or grow your business in what feels like an overcrowded space so you can do the work you know you are meant to be doing!
  • You feel like you are different and can't maintain the pace you see other keeping in their business.  You are sensitive, feel things deeply, and absorb negative energy just by scrolling on social media.  You often feel drained, tired, depleted, and you are not quite sure how to create a sustainable business on the outside and have it feel good on the inside.
  • You had some success in your business it didn’t feel right, it even felt a little (or a lot!)  scary.  You are driven to make everyone happy but you couldn’t….burnout, overwhelm, and second guessing outweighed the success.  You want to feel strong and cultivate resilience so you can consistently and sustainably  grow your vision and get lasting results.  You are so ready to show up in your full potential and create the impact in the world you know deep down you are capable of!


You are ready to show up resilient + inspired

You are unique, sensitive, emphatic, and have a heart of gold.

You have so many ideas, big visions, and you want to do things your way.

You tried the things that worked for others...and they didn’t work for you. You you feel like maybe there was no hope for you. If feels like you either have to sacrifice yourself or your dreams.

The truth is, you can be both Driven + Different and succeed in your own way! And I'll show you how!

Introducing Get Focused + Receive Clients

A 6 month 1:1 mentoring program to help you show up in a way that feels good to you and naturally attracts your ideal clients so you can build a business, and follow through to get big results! 

Plus the benefits of group support in monthly community calls and a private Facebook group for you and my other 1:1 clients so you can connect with your new biz besties to support you along the way!


Together We'll cover how to:

  • Shift your mindset and your energy so you finally take inspired action on those inner pings you feel inside so you see results for all those big ideas and cultivate the resilience to see them all the way through
  • Harness your mission driven energy so you can so show up and pursue your passion and not let it consume you, leading to burnt-out or getting sick.  You can have a business and a life!
  • Capitalize on your differences so your work captures your unique strengths and stands out in the crowd so that so need what you have to offer, can find you.
  • Communicate your message in a way that feels good to you and stands out to your audience so you attract your tribe and grow your audience while staying true to yourself
  • Consistently market yourself so you don’t have to wake up everyday wondering what to post OR feel so systematically planned that it takes out your personality - you can have flow within structure, so you can share your message and grow your tribe grounded in resilience
  • Engage your audience so they truly want what you have to offer, marketing feels natural, not like you are forcing things on them.  You’ll know what they need and how you can help so your offer is a BIG YES for your ideal client and creates income for you
  • Get visible in a way that isn’t scary, but inspired and exciting!  You’ll be able to say no when you mean no and yes when it truly feels like a yes to you.  Goodbye people pleasing and hello having a life AND a business so you show up when it works for you and unplug when you are ready to take a break and live your life
  • Create an offer that feels like a BIG YES for you and your ideal client.  You’ll be able to communicate your work in a way that captures your true essence and how you can help your people.  Putting an offer out will feel exciting and inspired from within. You’ll feel ready for people to sign up….no more of that playing with your website and being not quite ready to share!
  • Interact on social media in a way that doesn't drain your energy.  You’ll be able to consistently show up resilient + inspired, get visible in a way that feels empowering to you, and people will want what you have to offer.  No more spending all day trying to post in 4 groups...you’ll be able to post and move on to do the work you truly want to do.  You’ll be able to grow your business naturally and not have marketing feel like it’s your full-time job.
  • Make sales while you are super grounded + resilient in your energy so can receive your ideal clients and not feel lost, desperately searching on social media feeling like you need to “get” clients

Your 6 Month Package INcludes

  • 18 - 45 minute 1:1 calls with me, 3 per month with 1 week of implementation
  • Access to email or Slack support with me so you can take your big ideas and really see them through (and answer all the questions that pop up along the way!)
  • Monthly group community calls and a private Facebook group with my 1:1 clients only
  • Access to How to Run a Facebook Group without Overwhelm Course


During our 6 months together, You'll be able to work at a pace that feels good to you and see results in your business!

You’ll walk away

  • Feeling like your drive and your differences are your greatest strengths and assetes in your work.  You’ll know how to manage your energy and your mindset so you can show up strong to create the impact + income you desire
  • Having the structure you need to succeed and the freedom you long for in your day, so you see results in your business AND feel like you are in the flow
  • Know how to communicate in a way that engages and grows your audience so when you put out your offer it is a big yes for your ideal client and allows you to receive money for your work
  • Feeling confident to show up and share your work on social media in a way that is authentic to you and portrays the value of your work, so you build your business and feel good about the way you are doing it
  • Knowing what strategies work for you, how to show up as a leader and say no when you need to so you are able to care for yourself and create sustainable results...say goodbye to burnout, overwhelm, and feeling drained
  • Being able to do the work you love AND have a life.  You’ll know how to create boundaries with your family, your clients, and social media so you can get your work done and move on and enjoy other aspects of life that you used to neglect (hello self-care and family time!)
  • Feeling good about your business, your offers, and your ability to convert pre-clients to clients in a way that is unique to you and the way you want to work.  You’ll be able to receive clients naturally feeling grounded in your energy so you can fill your programs while staying rooted in your value
  • Grounded in your value so you are able to receive clients while staying true to yourself.  You’ll be able to make the pitch, put out your offer, and ask for the sale without feeling sleazy so that you can help the people that truly need your work without feeling like you have to run all over the place trying to “get” clients.
  • Connected with your new biz bestie soul sisters so you are supported and in a community of people that just get you!  So when you show up to work you have people to reach out to, collaborate with, and to make your days feel full and engaged, instead of feeling lonely working at home!


I've been in your shoes, feeling so different that nothing would work

I have a Business degree from one of the best schools in America and a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, but every job I had didn't quit fit.  They looked good on paper, but didn't feel right in my body.

So I thought, I'll build my own business and I hopped online only to find my sensitive, passionate nature followed me.

Everyday I felt overwhelmed, waking up without a plan and running all over the place trying to make everyone happy.

So I quit.

Until one morning I woke up and I thought "I'm just going to show up."

Here's the secret, your drive + your differences are your superpowers.  You don't have to change yourself to make your business work.

You just have to learn how to harness your gifts to make them work for you and your business.

Why Working with ME is Different


  • You'll receive the personalized support of 1:1 mentoring and you'll also be in a community with all of my 1:1 clients so you can meet your business besties and support each other along the way!  So goodbye to the loneliness of working alone online and get ready to meet your soul sisters and new online colleagues!

  • I have a background and degrees in Business, Mental Health Counseling, and Yoga + Meditation so I can support you and your business holistically - mind, body, spirit, and moving your business forward!

  • I'm super sensitive, driven, and deeply desire to do things differently, in a way that works for me and gets results in my business AND I want to help you do the same!  I'm literally as sensitive as they come. I came to work in the online space because I literally kept getting sick in a regular working environment.  I know what it means to have to take care of your health first and create a business that is going to work for you - instead of having you be a slave to it!  Just because you may have things that make you different, doesn't mean you can't run a successful business - you'll learn through our work together that your differences are key to your success!

  • I started working online almost 3 years ago and ended up quitting because I thought things just wouldn't work for me.  I saw a lot of shiny stories and tried to do "all the things," and boy did that NOT work for me!  I dug deep to find the resilience to show up and do things my way!  No only did it feel better, but that's when I started getting results in my business.  It is SUPER important to me to not put my clients in a mold, but to help you uncover YOUR way to sustainable results.

It is possible for you to become resilient + inspired in your life and your business so you can receive clients and do the work you love in a way that feels good to you!

 Here's what others have to say:

Liz is amazing and I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat! She helped me to totally change my outlook on how I see myself and my business! I had always seen my sensitivity as a negative, Liz helped me to turn that around into a Positive and to use it to help my clients in my business!

Liz also helped me to figure out where and how to take my business to the next level!  In 2 short weeks I had 6 new clients and today my business is thriving and doing incredibly well!

~ Monica, Nourish By Nature

Liz's sessions have helped me SO much (and are still helping me to this day!). I've been able to shift my business model to one that lights me + my clients up!

Now, my business is profitable and I'm growing my income steadily each month! I'm also reaching the clients who are perfect for me, and love me & my work!

Liz brings a lot of JOY to the table in everything that she does. And that, coupled with a lot of insight, knowledge and actionable advice, is a winning combination in a coach. Also, Liz really helps you to get out of your own head and find the answers that work for YOU! There are no cookie-cutter approaches in her world and I love that, because everyone is different! 

~ Marleen Renders

Investment for your 6 month Program

Get Focused + Receive Clients

$4,000 paid in full or

6 monthly payments of $697

It's time to commit to yourself and your business in a way that feels exciting (and a little scary) so you can show up in a way that feels good to you and creates results in your business (and your life) you only dreamed were possible.  You can use the link above to sign up for a complimentary discovery call or email me at liz@lizlockwood.net