Frazzled to Focused Toolkit

This toolkit is perfect for you if you'd like simple & effective practices you can integrate from the comfort of your home to:

  • Shift out of overwhelm into clarity so you can move forward in aligned action
  • Balance your energy before you get overwhelmed & drained so you can create sustainable growth
  • Manage the up and down emotions that come with being an entrepreneur so you can put your time & energy toward what really matters to you
  • Increase your confidence in your value, work, & yourself as a person so you show up in your strengths

The Toolkit includes:

  • 1 Frazzled to Focused workbook jam packed with daily clarity practices, balance breaks, journaling prompts, and affirmations
  • 2 Guided Meditation practices - one focused on calming down the overwhelm & the other is focused on raising your vibration
  • 2 EFT or Tapping videos - one focused on calming down the overwhelm & the other focused on raising your energy when you feel down or like you want to quit

Special Early Bird Pricing $19 if you pre-order by Thursday 10/5/17.  Your toolkit will be delivered on Friday 10/6/17 to your inbox!