How to Run a Facebook Group Without Overwhelm

Ready to create or revive your Facebook community?  Curious how to show up and grow your group in a way that feels good to you and supports your business?  Join us in this course to:

  • Say goodbye to spending hours scrolling, you'll be able to show up with an intention and a purpose so you can make an impact + an income without draining your energy and spending all day online.
  • Show up in your group authentically with aligned energy so you naturally get engagement from your audience which can easily lead to sales
  • Grow your group in a sustainable way that builds a loyal community and audience for your work, so when you put out an offer the response is a big YES!

The Course Includes:

  • 2 ~ 75 minutes live classes ~ approx. 60 minutes of teaching with time for Q &A
    • November 16th at 1pm est
    • November 30th at 1pm est
    • Both classes will be recorded
  • Workbook walking you through the process and structure on how to engage and grow your group WHILE also aligning your energy so when you show up you don't give yourself away in the process.
  • Facebook group support ~ so you can ask questions and get support in-between classes
  • 2 meditations ~
    • The first meditation will help you center + get clear on your intention before you show up online. 
    • The second meditation will help you release and cleanse your energy after you spend time in the online space

Are you in? Sign up for an investment of $117