What Driven + Different Means to Us...

You are driven.

You want to do it all.  You have passion inside of you that burns so bright, that it keeps you up at night.  

There are a million ideas running through your head and you want so badly to move forward on them all that you forget to take time for you…

You go all in.  You forget to take space, breathe, care for your body....

You not only want to move forward on your dreams, but you want to help others in the process; so you justify sacrificing yourself. You think about the people are helping and how things will quiet down eventually, but they don’t.

You find new passions that continue to inspire you.  Until one day you are burnt out, sick, tired, you just can’t do it all anymore…

You retreat, feel so sensitive, and maybe even quit.  It feels like things will never work for you.  It feels like you have to choose, to care to yourself or to pursue your passions.


You are Different

You’ve tried all the “shoulds,” to do things the way others do them and you never saw results that felt good to you. It feels like you are following someone else’s path and not on your own...

You desire to be authentic, get results in your business, and feel good along the way...

You are creative, imaginative, passionate, and sensitive and all of this makes you great AND all of it makes it so you NEED to do things at your own pace and in a way that is unique to you.

You’ve had times in life where you feel like you don’t fit in.  It feels like nothing will work, you feel like you don’t have a place and wonder what the use is in trying...

You want to uncover your way, but you aren’t sure how...

You think about reaching out and getting help, but wonder "Will they really get it?"

You desire the connection and the support AND you desire to be alone and think.

Feeling good about what you do means more to you than compromising your values and doing what you are told.

You're ready to be different in a way that serves you and your business, but doesn't burn you out or overwhelm You want to be able to show up and do things in your own way and gets results!

Here's the Truth

DSC02060 - Copy.JPG

Your drive and your differences are what make you great.  Your drive will propel you forward in your work and your differences are your unique skills that you need to lean into rather than shut down.

Both are key to your success in your work!

The key is to learn how to embrace your sensitive, passionate, empathic nature so you can shift them into your strengths and use them in your work in a way that builds your business rather than depletes you!

You can be both Driven + Different and succeed in your own way!

Your drive moves you forward and your differences make you extraordinary.

There is a way find a middle ground between your drive and your uniqueness so you can move forward AND feel good in the process.

The answer isn’t in looking at what others are doing, but plugging more into yourself so you can find you and you can do things in your own way.

You have the drive to move forward.  You have the unique differences to make you one-of-a-kind.  That’s an equation for success!

You don’t have to go all in so you lose yourself.  You don’t have to feel SO different that nothing will work for you and you quit.  

You don’t have to get lost in your passionate, driven energy...trying to do what others doing, feeling like you should be doing “all the things,” working all day, forgetting to take breaks, getting burnt out or sick and forgetting to have a life…

And you don’t need to pull all out and hide, scrolling and sitting on the couch all day wondering what is the point and that there is no way for things to work for you and without following all of the shoulds that you’re told...

It’s about finding the middle ground, the space in-between going all in and losing yourself in your passion so you are working at the computer everyday forgetting to breathe, eat, or get up and move your body….and feeling useless, quitting, and laying on the couch netflix-ing all day (all or nothing)….

The space in-between is where you truly thrive! And I'll show you how to get there!



  • Moving forwarding in your business AND feeling good in your body so you can sustainably grow your business and feel good through the process
  • Doing things in your own way AND seeing results so you feel proud about the work you do and make an income for all of your hard work
  • Pursuing your passions AND taking care of yourself so can follow your dreams and not lose yourself, your health, or your emotional balance in the process
  • Having a business AND a life so you know when to take breaks, actually take them, and have a business that earns you the income you need to keep going after your big visions
  • Connecting with others AND do it in your own unique way so you can build relationships, grow your audience, and receive your clients on your terms and not feel like you have to spend all day on social media
  • Building your business AND staying true to yourself so you feel confident to speak about who you are and what you do and grow your business naturally because it's so inline with who you are and the gifts you have to share with the world!

Here's How You Can Make the shift

During our work together we'll dive into:

  • Aligning Your Energy + Mindset: You are the foundation of your business.  You have everything you need inside of you, you just need to be able to tap into those quiet whispers and inner nudges.  I'll teach you how to ground and align your energy + mindset so you are set up for your version of success.
  • Strategy + Structure: You are a one-of-a-kind woman and you need a unique strategy and structure that will fit you.  You don't have to fit yourself into a box, there is a way to show up in a way that feels good and I'll teach you how.
  • Inspired Action: You know those inner knowings you have?  I'll teach you how to act on them in a way that is sustainable and actually grows your business and doesn't just deplete you and make you spin in your head all day!  Taking action that is inspired from within is key to you moving forward in your business!


Hi, I'm Liz! I'm here to help you navigate to find your middle ground between your mission Driven energy and embrace your Differences so you can show up and:

  • Move forward in your business AND feel good in your body
  • Do things in your own way AND see results
  • Pursue your passions AND take care of yourself
  • Have a business AND a life
  • Relate (connect) with others AND do it in your own unique way
  • Have a business AND stay true to yourself

Let's do this together!