Introducing: A 5 Day Challenge to Help You:

Be You + Go Live!

So you can show up YOUR Way to make an income + impact!

Do you have the best intentions to go live, but ya get a little nervous when you go to hit the “start” button?

So you put it off…”next week I’ll go live.” Then next week becomes the week after!

Or you go live and you are CRAZY nervous and as soon as you finish your live, you are beating yourself up on how you didn’t do a good job?

You relate?

Well it’s time to make going live FUN! Yes that’s possible when you have a supportive and safe environment AND when you have prompts so you know exactly what to talk about + where to go live!

Sound good?

Going Live —> deeper connections with your people
= Receiving more clients + more income!

this 5 day challenge Will Help You:

  • Overcome your fears about going live! You’ll be going live in The Resilient + Inspired Entrepreneur Facebook group community: a safe, supportive environment so you get comfy showing up YOUR WAY (an get encouragement + feedback from your biz besties!)

  • Step outside your comfort zone (don’t worry - not too much!!) so you can move forward and confidently use video in your visibility plan! Because you guys, we all know the results come when we do the thing we know we need to do AND are a little scared to do (hello how I felt about going live!!)

  • Build deeper connections with your people! Video is where it’s at if you REALLY want your people to get to know you, trust you, and buy from you. It’s super easy to hide behind a written post, but you guys the magic (aka consistently clients) happens in your biz when you show up live for your people!

  • Make a bigger income + impact! It is SO important for your people to see you, hear you, and get to know you before they buy from you! Let’s set you up for success by going live so you can receive the clients that need your work!


In the Be You + Go Live Challenge You’ll Receive:

  • Daily prompts on what to talk about in your live

  • Tips on what to do if you’re feeling a little nervous about hitting the “go live” button!

  • Access to a supportive community for feedback and encouragement along the way in The Resilient + Inspired Entrepreneur

If you are ready to make a bigger impact + income then this challenge is perfect for you!